Sustainably Raised, Premium Shrimp


PrimeWaters® Shrimp are ASC certified and sustainably raised without antibiotics in the clean, tropical waters of Ecuador. Our shrimp have no added preservatives, are an excellent source of protein and are individually quick frozen at the peak of freshness.

ASC Certified

Raised without antibiotics

Excellent source of protein

No preservatives added

PrimeWaters® Shrimp are raised under stringent guidelines to ensure that the shrimp are sustainable for the environment and socially responsible.

With a sweet and tender taste and a gentle snap, PrimeWaters® Shrimp are perfect for a wide range of recipes.

Options for Any Occasion

PrimeWaters® Shrimp are cleaned, deveined and ready to cook. We offer shrimp in multiple sizes, either peeled or with the shell on, for a variety of delicious meals made simple.


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Always store shrimp in the freezer.

Very slightly thawed frozen shrimp may be safely re-frozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value. Make sure the temperature of the shrimp is 38 degrees F or below to refreeze. It is not recommended to refreeze completely thawed shrimp.

Thaw & Defrost

It is important to handle shrimp safely to avoid risk of food-borne illness.

PrimeWaters® shrimp can remain in the original packaging while thawing in the refrigerator overnight. For faster thawing, place shrimp in a clean bowl and thaw under cold running water for approximately 15 minutes, immediately prior to cooking.

Delicious, traceable shrimp available at select online retailers