Delicious, Traceable Seafood

PrimeWaters® Seafood is responsibly raised*, traceable back to the source, and is available for delivery right to your door.

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Delicious traceable seafood, raised without antibiotics, for discerning consumers who demand premium quality and transparency.



Sourced from carefully selected locations, PrimeWaters® Seafood is traceable from the shore to your door for seafood which is bursting with flavor and nutrients.

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Responsibly Raised*

PrimeWaters® Seafood is raised in prime conditions in locations carefully selected for their thoughtful environmental standards.

PrimeWaters® Salmon


Sourced from icy locales and pristine waters, PrimeWaters® Salmon are raised in constantly moving marine water to keep our salmon healthy and active.

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Raised without antibiotics in the pristine waters of Chilean Patagonia, PrimeWaters® Mussels are fully cooked and frozen at the peak of freshness.

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PrimeWaters® Shrimp are responsibly raised in the clean, tropical waters of Ecuador, resulting in delicious shrimp with a sweet and tender taste and a gentle snap that are perfect for a wide range of recipes.

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Premium Quality

PrimeWaters® Seafood proudly offers premium quality seafood – raised without antibiotics for an excellent source of protein with no added preservatives.

Raised without antibiotics

Excellent source of protein

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*PrimeWaters® shrimp and salmon meet the ASC’s global standard for responsibly farmed seafood.