Premium Quality Salmon


PrimeWaters® Salmon are responsibly raised* in constantly moving water without antibiotics and are traceable to ensure quality and consistency. Our salmon are frozen at the peak of freshness to ensure optimal taste and texture.

Raised without antibiotics

Excellent source of protein

No preservatives added

Excellent source of Vitamin D

We proudly offer Atlantic salmon from Norway.

Atlantic Salmon Fishery in Norway

Atlantic Salmon

Our Atlantic salmon are sourced from the icy waters off the coast of Norway, resulting in a flaky texture and clean taste. Raised in constantly moving water, our Norwegian salmon have 2055mg of Omega-3 fatty acids* and are an excellent source of Vitamin D and protein.


*342mg EPA Fatty Acids, 466mg DHA Fatty Acids per 100g

Garlic Herb Salmon Fillet

French-Style Herbs & Garlic Salmon

Our French-Style Herbs & Garlic Salmon portions are pre-seasoned with a chef perfected blend of aromatic flavors and real ingredients, so you can enjoy delicious restaurant quality meals at home.

Perfectly Cut

PrimeWaters® Salmon are available in trimmed portions and whole fillets for delicious meals made simple.


Each portion is precisely trimmed from whole fillets with the skin on to maintain every bit of flavor.

Whole Fillets

PrimeWaters® Salmon fillets are expertly trimmed with the skin on for the flexibility to prepare it in a multitude of styles.


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Upon arrival, place salmon immediately in the refrigerator or freezer. If you intend to cook the salmon within 2 days, store it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 38º F or below. Otherwise, store it in the freezer.

Very slight thawing of frozen salmon may be safely re-frozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value. Make sure salmon temperature is 38 degrees F or below to refreeze. However, it is not recommended to re-freeze completely thawed salmon.

Thaw &

It is important to handle salmon safely to avoid risk of food-borne illness.

PrimeWaters® Salmon should be kept frozen until ready to use. Always remove salmon from package BEFORE being thawed. Simply remove from packaging, place on plate or shallow pan, cover and thaw in refrigerator for 8-10 hours. To ensure maximum flavor and preserve texture, never allow salmon to thaw at room temperature or place in water to thaw.

Delicious, traceable salmon available at select online retailers

*PrimeWaters® shrimp and salmon meet the ASC’s global standard for responsibly farmed seafood.