Traced to the Pristine Waters of Chilean Patagonia

Enjoy the delicious taste of PrimeWaters® Coho salmon, sourced directly from the pristine waters of Chilean Patagonia. PrimeWaters® salmon are traceable from shore to door so you can feel confident whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or preparing a weekday meal.

Coho Salmon Farms

Your PrimeWaters® Coho salmon were raised without antibiotics or chemicals off the islands of southern Chile, which provide the optimal conditions to raise premium quality salmon.

With cold, crystalline waters, these islands have a long history in fishing and are served by caretakers who are committed to strict standards for environmental sustainability and social responsibility*.

salmon on plate

About Your PrimeWaters® Coho Salmon

  • Coho salmon have a unique red color with a clean taste and a meaty texture.
  • Our salmon are ocean transported, resulting in significantly less CO2 emissions as compared to air transport.
  • PrimeWaters® Coho salmon are Heart-Check certified by the American Heart Association meeting criteria for heart-healthy food**.
  • Our Coho salmon are ASC certified sustainably raised, meeting their global standard for responsibly farmed seafood.

Coho salmon is easy to cook and pairs deliciously
with a variety of flavors and cuisines


High Heat
4 Mins Per Side


6-8 Minutes


at 375°F
for 10 Minutes


Medium High
4 Mins Per Side

Cooking Basics

Coho salmon is a versatile fish that can be deliciously cooked in a variety of ways. Salmon should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F. Check out our recipe suggestions for inspiration!

Benefits of Frozen

Our Coho salmon are frozen at the peak of freshness helping to ensure food safety and conservation of taste. Frozen salmon has a much longer shelf life than fresh salmon, helping you provide a delicious meal without a same day run to the store.

Coho Salmon Nutrition Facts

Coho salmon are nutritionally dense and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Your PrimeWaters® Coho Salmon is:

  • Raised without antibiotics
  • 1500mg omega 3 fatty acids (246mg EPA fatty acids, 419mg DHA fatty acids per 100mg)
  • Excellent source of Protein
  • No preservatives added
  • Excellent source of Vitamin D

* Our salmon meet the ASC’s global standard for responsibly farmed seafood. You can find out more at
**Please refer to product packaging for more details on the Heart-Check program.